Are you in the research process for the perfect virtual marketing engagement solution? Or have you made the investment and are now looking for ways to maximize your customers’ experience?

We thought it would be helpful to learn more about the three most effective virtual marketing engagements or features of any platform.


One thing is for certain — there are tons of options available for virtual environments. While many of these platforms share some similarities, there is a wide range of functionality and quality. This can make the shopping and implementation experience a bit confusing, for sure.  


To gain clarity, let’s talk about the top three most effective virtual marketing engagement components 


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1. Live Chat 


The number one goal for brands is to engage with their customers and prospects on their products and service offerings. The goal remains the same in a virtual environment. Enter, the live chat feature.  


People are more distracted than ever, especially during online experiences. They are most likely at home, trying to pay attention to your experience, but also receiving important notifications from work, while bribing their kids with a snack just to get a little more uninterrupted time. Am I right 


While the live chat doesn’t have the capability to remove all distractions (dang!), what it can do is provide more interactive engagement with your audience. You can pose provocative questions, share helpful links and information, to keep the conversation flowing.  


The live chat feature can also increase engagement with trivia games and audience polls.  


Lively and quick-paced discussions in the chat is part of what makes your virtual environment successful — because your audience is truly engaged. 


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Gamification No Sound


2. Gamification 


Fact: people love playing games. Especially when cool prizes are involved. They’re more likely to talk about the experience with their peers, or on social media, when they walk away from your brand experience as a prize winner! 


Gamification can be customized in any virtual environment. The possibilities are endless from a prize wheel that spins, a basketball hoop machine, to custom scavenger hunts. No matter which game you chose, it’s an interactive element of fun for users.  


Think of how you can incorporate games into your platform, and you’ll be sure to delight your audience!  


Avatar Welcome


3. Avatars to Educate 


In order to better understand the use of avatars in virtual environments, take a look at its impact on video gaming. Avatars have become increasingly popular over the last two decades because they allow players to personify themselves in the game. It increases the personal connection to the game itself, as well as with fellow players.  


Avatar technology has also come a long way since the early 2000s, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be Lara Croft teaching your audience about your latest product (unless you want her to, of course). We recommend using 360 camera technology to capture the likeness of real people — such as your staff — to create the avatars for your virtual environment. This way, your customers will appreciate the feeling of learning from a real person and have a stronger connection to your brand.  


Will these three virtual marketing engagements elevate your brand in the digital space? Scheduling a brief discovery call with our team is a great next step in determining how they can work for your brand. Click below to schedule a time that works best for you!


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