Trade shows can be amazingly effective. Or they can flop.

You put so much effort, time, and resources into building an amazing experience for your customers and prospects. The least you can do is get some big wins you can take back to your team.

But how can you get the kind of return on your investment you need to make it all worthwhile? Better yet, the kind you’ve only ever had in your dreams?

We strongly believe it starts with creating a trade show marketing campaign that’s consistent and cohesive. Whether someone is looking at your booth, reading a flyer, or even talking with one of your associates on the trade show floor, you need to make sure you’re sharing a single, powerful message.

Why does it work? It’s simple: repetition.

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When people, prospects, and passers-byes hear the same message over and over again, it begins to stick. Like that tune you heard on the radio a month ago you still catch yourself humming . . .

This ensures the message, and the experience you created, lives on after the trade show doors have closed and your prospects have headed home.

Don’t get us wrong, creating this sole message isn’t easy. In fact, with so many different pieces and elements tying a trade show experience together, it requires a ton of intentionality and discipline on your part.

But it’s not impossible. Here are few easy questions you need to ask to determine your own single message as you plan your next trade show marketing campaign.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?


Answering this question sets the stage for your entire trade show presence. In many ways, and forgive the cliché, “image is everything” when it comes to being memorable.

There’s a reason celebrities flaunt luxurious gowns and tuxedos down the runway of the red carpet. They know how they look will stick in our memories just as much as the names of those who actually win an award for their talent.

The same is true with your clients and prospects. The way you want to be remembered will determine what your booth looks like, what your associates wear, and the experiences you create.

Do you want to be remembered as “cutting edge?” Then you’d want to incorporate emerging technology and an omni-channel experience into your overall design.

Determine how you want to be remembered. And then create an experience that will best emphasize, or better, flaunt it.

Is Your Message Simple?


There’s no doubt the product you want to sell is incredible. And because you want everyone else to know how amazing it really is, you’ve gone to the extreme to list out all its benefits and features. Because certainly . . . one of those benefits and features will resonate with someone.

That makes sense, right? It’s easy to get sucked into this way of thinking. But here’s the thing: the more points you throw at a prospect, the less likely they’ll remember even one.

Simple messages stick. Remember Bud Light’s 2019 Super Bowl ad campaign? “No corn syrup” was their entire message. So that’s what they focused on for each ad spot. Its simplicity is what made it so easy to stick in all of our brains for the weeks and months that followed.

Here’s the challenge, and we know you’re up for it: choose one primary message for your campaign, one benefit, and then focus all your efforts around it.

Is Your Team on the Same Page?


Every trade show has many pieces, people, and projects involved. When you’re committed to a single message, you need to be vigilant about aligning your team and vendors with it.

An effective way to keep your team — including your associates and vendors — on the same page is by creating a simple one-page messaging guide that includes the strategy, goals, and messaging you want to emphasize in every interaction.

People are people. Not robots. Connections are organic. Don’t try to stifle anyone or provide them with a script to follow. After all, nobody likes talking to a script. But if your teams know the singular message, they’ll be better able to weave it into conversations that take place all around the tradeshow floor.

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