As a marketing manager, you know that designing your next exhibit starts with a critical question: Should I rent or buy? Over the years, we’ve seen enough booth purchase disasters to confidently say, buying a booth doesn’t make sense for anyone.

 If you want to save money and achieve serious ROI at your next event, choose a custom rental. Owning a booth is not only more expensive, it’s also more time-consuming, more hassle, and more restrictive in the long run.

sh_sketch_scale Comparing Owning vs. Renting

Before you choose to rent or buy, understand that there are major financial and logistical differences between the two. That’s not to mention the significant effect your decision will have on your marketing ability at shows for years to come.


  • Typical cost is about $165/square foot
  • Significant up-front investment demands you use the same booth for 3-5 years to justify the cost
  • Doesn’t include shipping, handling, storage, setup, teardown, maintenance, and repair logistics and fees
    • Fees for these items typically add up to 10-20% of the total booth cost, incurred annually


  • Typical cost is about $65/square foot
  • Doesn’t require a significant up-front investment
  • Lower cost gives you the flexibility to match your marketing goals and budget to your design at every show you attend

Renting a custom trade show booth is a better solution because it offers better marketing opportunities, saves you significant time, and costs less. It’s that simple.

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sh_sketch_bullseye Marketing Benefits

Marketing strategies are constantly changing. That’s one of the biggest reasons purchased booths just don’t make sense. For example, imagine you bought a new booth last year, but now you’re rebranding. To update your booth, you’ll have to toss all the old logos, graphics, and color-coordinated booth elements to update your look, which can cost thousands.

The thing is, every trade show has a unique audience that needs to be reached. Yet, the high initial costs of owning a booth require that you stick with that same design for years in order to justify it from a financial perspective.

Exhibit rentals allow you to respond to every shift in the market, every new trend, and every adjustment to your brand’s campaign so that your message grows just as fast as your business. With a custom exhibit rental, you can make your booth as unique as your audience and create a campaign that’s perfectly suited to that trade show.

Bonus: You’ll also be helping the environment by participating in a sharing economy. Sustainable renting helps reduce the trade show industry’s colossal waste production, estimated at 600,000 tons per year.

sh_sketch_gearschecklist Operational Benefits

After spending months preparing for the show, the last thing you want to do is run around managing the details of setup, maintenance, and takedown. A trade show booth rental allows you to focus on your show rather than orchestrating logistics.

Every reputable exhibit house should provide:

  • All shipping, handling, and maintenance
  • Booth setup and teardown
  • Stellar on-site support

sh_sketch_financesup Financial Benefits

The only way to make an owned booth affordable is to use it for years, hoping you never need to alter anything or make repairs. Even then, every time you use it, you’re risking unexpected fees like repairs, maintenance, or rebrands.

We believe a custom rental makes more financial sense for everyone, at every show they attend. Here’s why:

  • Per show costs for a custom rental are significantly lower than an owned booth, whether you exhibit once a year or every month
  • Operational costs are included in your rental price, so you’re never hit with unexpected fees
  • Total flexibility to change your design or size between shows to reflect changes in your budget

Your exhibit house should provide you with a comprehensive and inclusive invoice so you know exactly what you’re paying to use your booth.

Get more tips on finding the ideal booth for your needs. Check out our white paper: The Perfect Booth For The Best Price.

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The Perfect Booth, For The Best Price

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