In the trade show industry, relationships matter. Not just those relationships made on the show floor, but among the team members of an organization.

As your business expands, it can be a challenge to find the right people for the right positions. Someone who looks stellar on paper, for instance, might not mesh well with others in the company.

Similarly, someone who does not have a ton of experience may have the drive and personality to not only handle a position, but thrive.

When hiring marketing managers and coordinators in the trade show industry, there are three things we like to focus on beyond the experience listed on a resumé.

1. Cultural FitSteelhead_Blog_Images_9.19_People

Here at Steelhead, we’re big believers in culture.

We also recognize that culture — particularly in the trade show business — is never static. Our industry is always changing, and we take pride in establishing a culture that stays nimble so we can quickly adapt as a business.

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So when we look to bring in new people, we’re always searching for someone who fits what is admittedly our unconventional culture. Every job is different, after all, so any new team member we bring in needs to be able to think on their feet and willing to change how they work to best fit the client.

Put another way, you want someone who believes in what you do and how you do it.

2. Team CohesionSteelhead_Blog_Images_9.19_TeamCohesion

Trade shows can be high-pressure events, with a number of moving parts, which makes having a cohesive team critical for success. When things get hectic, you don’t want communication to break down or there to be any potential for disagreement among the team members.

When bringing in a new team member, we first ask ourselves whether we believe they will fit in with our already established team. Occasionally, this leads to us passing over an applicant with a seemingly perfect fit, per their resumé, in favor of someone who may have less experience but who we feel will be a better fit personality-wise.

Finding the right person takes time. It also takes having conversations — not just about relevant experience, but approaches to challenges as well.

3. A Learning EnvironmentSteelhead_Blog_Images_9.19_Laptop

No matter your industry, performing the same tasks over and over can be emotionally and physically draining. Even in the fast-paced world of marketing and trade shows, having people who always perform the same roles can be creatively stifling.

That’s why we always want the people who join our team to be willing to learn. We also want to create an environment that encourages learning.

By giving our team members a chance to grow into new positions, we can go a long way toward keeping our ideas fresh and our valued team happy to stay onboard.

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