Do as much homework as you can at the show, and be sure to identify the hot leads and set all of the groundwork that you can.

After all, you put in a lot of time and effort, and probably got your steps in to generate those trade show leads. Don’t let them go to waste! Instead, here are a few tips straight from our sales team.

Be Ready at Any and Every Moment

You never know where you could run into a high-value lead.

It could be on the trade show floor, at a hotel bar, or even at a restaurant while having dinner with your team. Every situation is an opportunity, so be ready!

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Always be on your game, so that you can be ready to capture leads at a moment’s notice. This makes it easier to organize your leads, so you can follow up first thing the next day.


Store Leads in One Easily Accessible Location

Your phone is always on you anyway, so why not capture leads from there?

Download a business card scanning app or create an internal form (Google Form, Airtable, or your CRM might offer one), in order to quickly and efficiently capture leads.

Business cards can easily get lost in the shuffle, so be sure to import them immediately into your CRM or wherever you’re keeping track of your leads, rather than relying on your pockets. Holes can happen.


Follow Up Immediately

Ideally, we’d get back to the hot prospects that evening. So go back to the hotel, get organized, and reach out to your hot prospects.

Make sure you have a plan in place to follow up with everyone, not just hot leads. Send follow-ups to hot leads that evening, but also, follow up with everyone else over the next few days.

Why? They’re going to get inundated with a lot of information from other exhibitors, and you want to do something extra to make sure you stand out.

For more trade show tips, download our free resource, 7 Keys To An Irresistible Trade Show Campaign.

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