Every great booth starts with a Big Idea. A Big Idea is a design that connects your audience with your marketing objectives. Using that Big Idea as a base, designers can begin to create your booth’s more specific elements.

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A winning Big Idea includes:

  • Required functional elements, such as areas for product demonstrations, A/V displays, meeting spaces, and product displays
  • An eye-catching and unique design that draws attendees into the booth
  • A seamless traffic flow plan, allowing attendees to navigate every section of your booth
  • Consideration of your budget

Building A Big Idea With A Creative Brief

A comprehensive creative brief helps communicate your marketing strategy to any booth designer you choose. Think of your creative brief as a checklist that leads to your Big Idea.

A comprehensive creative brief includes:

  • In-booth activity plan
  • Floor plan of the show hall and traffic patterns
  • Images of inspiring architecture
  • Material sample board
  • Meeting space for private conversations
  • Storage needs
  • Color palette
  • Booth traffic plan
  • Branding needs (campaign & company)

A Big Idea developed from a comprehensive creative brief provides you with a solid foundation for a winning design. Crafting the perfect Big Idea is a critical step in our proven design process.


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