The Infotainers recently released a list of 5 trends to watch for in 2018.

Trends are important to watch, but you need to think strategically about which ones to add to your strategic approach.

Here’s our take on which trends you should embrace as you design your booth space, and the one trend you might consider avoiding.

Trends To Embrace

  • Innovative, Customer-Centric Design: We’re 100% with Infotainers on their emphasis on human-centered experiences. Your booth should be made for real people.
  • Multisensory Engagement: Yes. Yes. Yes. Humans have 5 senses. You should engage all of them as you attract people to your booth, and keep them there. Be creative. The sky's the limit.
  • Storytelling: We’re big believers in storytelling. As we’ll discuss next month, we believe that every trade show campaign should tell a story. Not only that, you should start telling that story far before the show starts and continue it afterwards with post show follow-up.
  • <Cohesive Themes & Brand Continuity: People have to see something 7 times before they remember it consistently. That’s why your booth needs to reinforce your brand and maintain a consistent theme. This will connect it with all your other marketing efforts and allow you to build a unique identity for the show itself.

One Trend To Consider Avoiding

Virtual Reality:
    Technology is cool. It also creates some amazing multisensory experiences. We’re just not sold on the fact that this is what should be happening in your booth. Technology invades every other corner of our lives. Your exhibit is one of the few places where you can connect with your prospects face to face. We don’t think this should be interrupted by an immersive digital experience, except in very specific cases.

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