January is always full of predictions and speculation about what’s in store for the coming year. Recently, Trade Shows News Network featured a column by UFI’s CEO, Kai Hattendorf, identifying key trends to watch for in 2019.

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As the global association of the world’s leading trade show organizers, UFI is in a unique position to identify widespread trends affecting the trade show industry around the globe. We were interested to see how custom-designed rentals fit into Hattendorf’s trends to watch and immediately saw three that made a lot of sense to us. Let’s take a look.

Shifting Trade Patterns And A Jittery Global Economy

“Amidst a climate of political tension, protectionism and false news globally, economic growth is slowing down.” — Kai Hattendorf, UFI CEO

For trade show managers, the state of the economy can have a profound impact on your exhibit budget. Uncertainty in the economy means you need a booth design that you can adapt to your budget for every show you attend. A custom-designed rental lets you do just that.

Digital Is Everywhere — But It Is Not Everything

There’s no denying that digital communication and experiences have become the norm in almost every aspect of the trade show industry. But, relying on digital alone isn’t always your best bet.

Trade shows have always been about connecting with your audience directly. Whether it’s through in-person product demos or face-to-face meetings, maintaining human interaction in a digital era is still the most powerful way to engage with attendees.

Getting The Basics Right Goes A Long Way In Creating Experiences

The “festivalization” of trade shows is a recent trend that’s proven hugely important to millennial and post-millennial generations. For these audiences, combating trade show fatigue is about crafting better overall experiences. So, how should that insight impact your booth design?

Hattendorf cites the importance of seating, catering, and queuing (long lines) as essential considerations to improve a trade show attendee’s experience. Keep this insight in mind as you work on your design. By incorporating comfortable seating areas, considering traffic flow, and adding enticing snacks or drinks to your booth, you can create a more comfortable — and more fun! — trade show experience.

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