While many exhibit design companies dabble in booths of all sizes, most specialize in one specific style of exhibit (even though they say they can do everything). That's why it's so important to zero in on the type of booth you're looking for, and then choose a company whose experience matches your needs. Here are a few specializations that exhibit companies often have:

Custom Owned

When you choose to buy a custom-built booth, there’s no limit to what you can do. Designers will work with you to customize every element of your exhibit, for a price. Most brands that purchase a custom, owned booth typically use it for three-to-five years to offset the initial cost. And custom, owned booths typically place the responsibility of logistics, like setup, teardown, maintenance, shipping, and storage, on the booth owner.

Permanent Installations

Some exhibit designers focus on permanent installations that are set up at your company’s facility. These permanent installations can function as long-term product demo and launch areas but aren’t ideal for use at trade shows because they aren’t designed to be set up and taken down multiple times.

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Custom Rentals

A custom rental offers you the same flexibility as a custom, owned booth, without the up-front cost of a custom, owned booth. With a rental, you can also change your design for each show, so your budget and marketing goals always match your booth design. Fresh designs are possible because they cost way less than buying. And, as a bonus, rental companies often take care of logistics and provide on-site support before, during, and after the show.


Sometimes, small is all you need. For exhibits that you can easily take on the road and set up on your own, look for an exhibit designer that focuses on portables. In most cases, this includes everything from tabletop setups to booths that are 10ft x 10ft and smaller.

There are lots of exhibit design companies out there. Learn how to find one that’s perfect for your marketing goals and your budget.

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