In case you haven’t noticed, we’re now in a new decade, which means it’s a natural time for you to shake things up when it comes to your trade show campaigns. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

Why not stick with what’s always worked? Why would you want to spend all the time and money on giving your brand presence a major makeover?

Because if you’re still using the same booth design you used the past couple years, you’ve probably gotten stale. Your prospects and customers are likely tired and bored of hearing the same old story from you at the same old trade shows.

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On the flip side, a refreshed look and presence for 2020 and beyond will help you stand out with those same prospects and customers. We always remember the latest and greatest, after all, so give the people something new to experience.



Here are three ways to shake things up with your trade show presence in 2020 and beyond:


1. Tailor Your Exhibit Based on the Show

Every trade show has a different vibe. The layout of the show floor, the lighting opportunities available, the flow of the crowd — each unique kink is an opportunity for you to tinker with how your brand is presented.

That doesn’t mean you need to completely overhaul your presence for each show you attend. But little tweaks can go a long way to making your brand seem fresh, especially to attendees who hit several industry shows throughout the year.


2. Don’t Fence Yourself In

While it may seem like it makes sense to go all in and buy an exhibit outright, all you’re really doing is locking yourself into a trade show presence for the next 2-3 years in order to make the expense worthwhile. Check out our white paper 3 Pitfalls of Owning a Trade Show Exhibit for more on this.

Going the custom route, in contrast, will keep your exhibits fresh. It will also cut down on your storing and shipping costs, since you won’t have an albatross of an exhibit hanging around your neck throughout the year when you’re not actually at a show.


3. Look for Inspiration Off of the Show Floor

You may see a kickass display at a show and think, We should do something like that. But guess what: every other presenter at the show is thinking the same thing.

Rather than simply copy what you’ve seen at a show, make an effort to seek out design inspirations in other industries. For example, like the feel of a hotel lobby? Think about what you like about it and see if you can incorporate some of those elements in your exhibit.

This outside-of-the-industry thinking should also apply to the design teams you choose to partner with. Any company can copy another company’s product. A more creative exhibit design partner will constantly be looking for inspiration from a wide range of industries and locations. Going with the safe choice usually leads to a safe product.

For more info on finding the right partner to shake up your trade show presence, download our free white paper, How To Evaluate And Choose An Exhibit House.

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