Vegas is one of the biggest trade show destinations in the world, hosting thousands of shows, conventions, and meetings every year. Why? Because it offers an incredible combination of available accommodation, services, and huge meeting spaces.

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The city’s unique capacity to host so many events also makes it one of the most intimidating places to exhibit for rookie marketers. So, we want to help with a few Vegas-specific logistics pointers. Whether you’re a new marketer heading to your first Vegas show or a long-time pro looking for some tips on conquering your next trip to Sin City, here are our favorite survival strategies for working around Vegas’ unique trade show scene.

Take Advantage of Local Services

Vegas’ reign over trade shows has encouraged a treasure trove of local services that event marketers should take advantage of. Whether you need new graphics, A/V displays, flooring, or furniture to fill out your booth, you can find it in Vegas with ease. Using local suppliers saves you money on costly shipping expenses. And, since local vendors know the area’s convention and event centers better than outside suppliers, you won’t lose time trying to manage deliveries with vendors who aren’t familiar with the area.

Expect a Crowd

There isn’t a true slow season in Vegas. Even the biggest events happen simultaneously with countless other smaller conventions and meetings. Expect a crowd no matter what time of year you’re visiting, and plan accordingly. Start looking for hotel and flight reservations 4-6 months out to maximize savings and availability. Once you book your travel arrangements, start working on your restaurant reservations, entertainment tickets, and any bookings you need to make, like client meeting spaces or conference rooms.

Consider Location

It’s easy to think of Vegas as a super-concentrated metropolis, where everything is within walking distance. Underestimating the scale of massive convention centers and casinos is a common mistake to make. Look for hotels that are as close to the trade show as possible. In many cases, trade shows partner with specific hotels to offer discounted rooms. But, these rooms aren’t always located in the most convenient location. Do your own research and find a room that provides you quick access to the show floor, so you don’t get worn out simply getting to your booth.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in Vegas, where constant exposure to bright lights, loud noises, and big crowds is unavoidable. Add in long walks between casinos and event centers in a desert climate, and it’s clear why people can feel exhausted after just a few days. Prepare for a visit to Vegas like you would a marathon. Invest in a good water bottle to keep with you at all times, wear sunscreen, bring chapstick for dry lips, and consider asking your hotel for a humidifier to combat the drying effects of your air conditioner. With a little preparation and considerations for your health, you’ll be on top of your game each morning when the show opens.

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