We don’t know how your particular company works, but if you own a booth we can hazard a guess where the idea came from: the financing department.

This makes sense because at first glance, the investment seems sound. Your company owns the booth, which means it can be pointed at as something physical.

Here’s Why That’s a Problem


Marketing is never static, and very quickly, you’re probably going to find that booth you invested in will seem outdated.

A trade show booth may seem like an investment that can last 3-5 years, but like a new car you take off the lot, it starts depreciating during your first show. There’s everyday wear and tear, modifications that need to be spackled on, eyeballs at every trade show that have already seen it before. It subtracts from your investment quickly.

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For most companies committed to keeping their messaging fresh and innovative, sinking a ton of money into a booth you then have to haul around the country — maybe even the globe — isn’t exactly cutting-edge thinking.

Here’s What You Should Do

Don’t think of a trade show simply as an opportunity to set up a booth. Think of it as an opportunity to create an experience. Every trade show has a different vibe even if a lot of the attendees are the same. Your presence and marketing should follow suit.

One place to look for inspiration is the retail industry, where there are constant evolutions in how products are displayed and made available for customers to play with.

Another good idea is to keep your eye on what the hospitality industry is up to, since they know their way around designing a comfortable space and are often blazing a trail when it comes to coming up with ways to encourage people to check in and provide free advertising via social media posts.

By treating every trade show like its own beast, you’re likely to find new and innovative ways to stand out. Reinventing your booth may seem like a lot of work. However, a rental allows your brand to launch its best campaigns with a booth that’s customized for every year, or every show, you attend. Give your best campaigns the booth they deserve with a custom rental that’s more affordable, more flexible, more sustainable, and easier to manage.

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The Exhibitor's Guide To Trade Show Success In 2020

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