Taking the stress out of exhibiting is always our goal with clients. From our proven design process to our awesome support teams, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

One of our favorite stress-reducing tools is our pre-event checklist. We give this handy guide to every exhibitor, so they can stay ahead of the game, hit important deadlines, and communicate design schedules with other members of their team. Here are four reasons we think a checklist can help every exhibitor.

  1. Overview — Get a clear summary of everything that happens, from our proven design process to after-show reviews.
  2. Manage Deadlines — Stay on track and take advantage of early-bird deadline discounts with a clear schedule of deadlines.
  3. Communicate with Your Team — Update upper-management teams with regular status updates included in your handy checklist.
  4. Tracking — Keep tabs on all your most important materials, like graphics, before and after the show.

Feel free to use our pre-show checklist at your next trade show. You'll love how it keeps you organized.

  • Booth selection
    • Select booth location
    • Pay deposit
    • Determine goals with sales team for trade show
  • Booth location confirmed
    • Receive location confirmation
    • Receive exhibitor guide and log-in details
  • Develop booth strategy
    • Determine goals with sales team for trade show:
      • Appointments?
      • Contracts signed?
      • Contacts made?
      • Partnerships formed?
      • Develop messaging strategy for the exhibit. The main takeaway for exhibit visitors is: _________________________________.
  • Develop a style and art plan
    • Develop key brand/art visuals
    • Determine booth design and select booth builder
  • Show form submission
    • Submit forms for electricity, drayage, rigging, etc.
      • Early bird deadline for discount rates: _______.
      • Standard deadline: _______.
    • Confirm on-site touch points
      • Confirm plans for hospitality (food/drink), giveaways, and literature to have on site
  • Final review with exhibit house
    • Receive pictures of the booth
    • Receive confirmation that correct graphics were printed
  • Recap and loose end wrap-up
    • Leftover/giveaway materials accounted for and shipped to the exhibitor
    • Review of the show and how booth design supported goals/ways to improve next time

For more ideas on reducing stress, and saving time and money, download our white paper: 7 Keys To An Irresistible Trade Show Campaign.

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