Trade show managers are all too familiar with the chaos that builds up around trade show season. As the event gets closer, there’s always more to do, more to remember, and more to forget. That’s why we love handy checklists that include everything we need to remember to do. To help get you started on your checklist, here’s a simple list of to-dos that every trade show manager needs to remember while they're at the show.

Show Prep Checklist:

  • Turn on electrical power
  • Turn on displays, product demos, monitors, and anything electrical
  • Tidy your booth by wiping down counters, monitors, and reception desks
  • Stock promotional items, business cards, product specification sheets, and brochures
  • Review show hours and all scheduled meetings

Post-Event Logistics Checklist:

  • Dismantle exhibit and pack, taking care to track each item, so it’s not lost in transit
  • Gather and review shipping documents
  • Coordinate with carrier service
  • Get shipping crates loaded
  • Track shipments and ensure they arrive safely at your storage facility
  • Review shipments received to make sure all items have arrived safely
  • Review items that needed to be repaired or cleaned
  • Repack booth elements to prepare for your next show


  • Let us take care of everything.

Our on-site supervisor will meet you at your booth and go over everything that needs to be shipped. We’ll also make sure that everything is done to allow you to leave the show floor on time.

Once you’re gone, we’ll deal with everything, including dismantling, packing, shipping, and tracking your booth. And, no need to worry about storage, repairs, or maintenance. It’s all included in your guaranteed price. When you’re ready to exhibit again, we’ll be ready for you.

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