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Cox Automotive 2022

2022 posed an interesting opportunity for Steelhead and Cox Automotive. Steelhead was charged with helping reintroduce clients and prospects to the Cox Automotive brand - after live events halted for nearly 2 years. To capitalize on this moment, we designed a grand environment with unique and fresh exhibits for all brands within the Cox Automotive umbrella. The individual expressions met the needs of each brand’s event planner and also met the Cox corporate brand standards, all while creating a renewed sense of enthusiasm at the event.
Having the Cox Automotive 2020 exhibiting success under our belt created a solid foundation from which to build our 2022 solution. Our first step in developing a fresh approach for 2022 was to understand the ‘best of’ features from 2020. We accomplished this task by doing an extensive debrief and audit with the Cox marketing team. Additionally, the quantity of booths for the 2022 environment changed a great deal from 11 to 16 which required our design team to compile several space studies to explore all layout possibilities. Working with Cox Automotive, we narrowed our focus to determine the best macro layout. From there, our account management and design teams worked with each brand to refine specifics needed in each environment to meet the client’s objectives and goals.
The final Cox Automotive solution was a stunning 26,300 square foot environment with 16 unique brands represented all together under Cox Automotive. Cox Automotive and their family of brands celebrated the success of their event by achieving all of their stated event metrics.
Of the 18,995 lbs of flooring, 90% was diverted from the landfill and will be able to be reused.
Learn more about Steelhead and Cox Automotive’s Values Match and how this has contributed to their success.
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