Exhibit Happy Case Study:
Cox Automotive 2020

How do you take an exhibitor, with more than a dozen different brands and over 20,000 square feet of exhibition space at one event, and migrate them to the Access Model when they own all of their exhibit assets?
We started the process by doing an in-depth interview with all Cox Automotive sales and marketing leaders to better understand the vision, goals and strategy for 2020. 

In this meeting we learned about their macro objectives which included decreasing expenses and in increasing revenue from the show while integrating a focus on sustainability. 

Armed with that information, we hosted a Design Input Meeting where we dug deeper into the qualitative - brand, look and feel and the tactical requirements which would bring the Cox Automotive vision come to life. 
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Steelhead designed a stunning new environment which encompassed 11 unique exhibits and 24,400 square feet of floor space. The environment was clearly defined with overhead synchronous LED Videos highlighting Cox Automotive and each of their individual brands.
The space included over 200 demo stations and dozens of meeting rooms along with a myriad of interactives.
Steelhead helped them to dramatically reduced their carbon footprint, with more than 95% of what was created being re-used or recycled for other purposes.

More than 95% of what was created was returned into Steelhead inventory or recycled for other purposes

Cox was also able to reduce their show expense from previous years by completely eliminating ownership costs of their exhibits, saving them literally tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Pounds of Carpet and Carpet Pad Used
50% of the carpet used was returned into Steelhead inventory and the other 50% was donated locally.
Pounds of Fabric Used
100% of the fabric used at the show was donated locally.

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Steelhead creates the most dynamic and sustainable Brand activations by giving our clients access to our extensive inventory, rather than requiring them to purchase their own. When clients need something we don't have, we design and build it. This collaboration with our clients grows the ever expanding and creative options available to you and your program.
Our Work
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