We offer Custom Exhibits and Trade Show Booth Designs

How do you measure creativity in exhibit design?  Perhaps it’s how unique materials can be used in imaginative ways or maybe even how basic design materials can be used in ingenious ways?  Is it creative to design a trade show booth that sets up 25% faster than your current exhibit?  Maybe its graphic design solutions which allow you to tailor your message with each changing market or event?  Our clients trust Steelhead’s Exhibit Design Teams to create exhibit environments that not only excite and entice but do so as efficiently as possible.

Steelhead employs a result driven exhibit design process - one in which your input is critical.  In order to get to the cool shapes, display lighting, product displays, demos and live theatres, designing custom exhibit solutions starts with some basic questions.  Why this trade show in particular?  Who are you trying to reach? And perhaps most importantly, what are the primary objectives, take-a-ways, and success metrics?
An exhibit design strategy can be formed with answers to these important questions. It’s a fun process indeed, just the beginning of what it’s like to Exhibit Happy® with Steelhead.

Everyone loves the creative process right?  Seeing the design concepts, or Big Ideas as we call them, always gets all those involved excited.  Then, seeing those concepts come to life through the production process only adds to anticipation of finally standing in the new exhibit at your next show.  While that may be the end game we are all amped up about, Steelhead’s exhibit designers consider how the exhibit must perform from a cost perspective.  Not the rental cost or the production costs, but the deployment costs.  You see, we know that design drives these costs.  So you like the visibility of hanging signs huh?  Well what are the cost implications of Sign A requiring 6 pick points versus a Sign B solution with 2 pick points?  Sign A may even be less expensive to produce but those savings are lost once we have to hang it at the show.  We often catch customers off guard when we ask them their show services budget during the design input meeting, but we ask because we know what we conceive in design impacts that services or deployment budget.  The goal is to have stunning display that actually performs well financially, weird right?  What good is having a great looking element that you cannot afford to ship or set up?

Great exhibit design will also drive human behaviour as well as cost.  Steelhead’s exhibit designers understand how architecture and the placement of that architecture influences traffic flow, sight lines, points of interest and ultimately the mood of the space.  Ever notice how when you walk into certain hotels you feel different?  The W Hotel feels much different compared to the Holiday Inn right?  This is because design has gone a long way to create those brand experiences.  The colors, materials, lighting, and layout immediately influence your perception without even realizing it.   We look at exhibit design similar to how the hospitality industry uses design to tell their brand stories.   When you check into the Aria, do you see a big logo over the desk? The sign is on the outside, the experience begins on the inside and so it should be with trade show exhibits.  Sure we get it, your CEO loves to see the logo everywhere right?  We can certainly accommodate that; we just need to agree that your attendees are looking for an experience not simple more logos to look at.  Exhibit design is really as much science as it is art, so we employ creative with a purpose.  That purpose is the thing we look forward to working with you to identify then deliver and it is always an awesome journey.

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