Make the Most of Your Event and Trade Show Moments

Steelhead delivers creative, dynamic, and sustainable Brand activations aimed at treating every event for what it is; a truly unique moment in time. By accessing our vast inventory versus owning their own, Brands have unlimited flexibility to create stand out experiences at each and every one of their shows, no two being the same.
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Exhibit Design

It’s been said “marketing is about US, and sales is about THEM - the customer”.  

Trade show exhibiting is a convergence of sales and marketing in real time. We help Brands express themselves while creating experiences aimed at connecting to their customers.  Doing so requires us to understand both the Brand, and who the audience is on a human level. 

Great exhibit design is not measured in how something looks, it is measured by how well it connects people. 
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“Exhibit Happy” is more than just a tag line, it’s a culture. From creative design work all the way through execution, every step of the way, we feel the “Exhibit Happy.”

Turnkey Services

At trade shows, your exhibit is typically just a fraction of what you have happening at the show.  Sales meetings, executive dinners, and vendor events are just a few of the things an event manager may have to organize at any given time.  

Our turnkey services allow you to focus on all those other things, because everything related to your exhibit is handled. Also– did we mention we do this for an upfront guaranteed price? Because going over budget is one less thing for you to stress about.