Exhibit details

  • Client: Cushman & Wakefield
  • Show: CorNet North America
  • City: Boston
  • Size: 20ft x 50ft

Rendering to Reality

See Cushman & Wakefield's booth for CorNet North America come to life from design rendering to the show floor!


For Cushman & Wakefield, it was important to have lots of meeting areas where staff could talk with potential clients. We responded by creating an open design with lots of high tables and plenty of seating for casual conversations. For meetings that required more privacy, an enclosed conference room was added to finish out the space.

Subtle aesthetic finishing touches made attendees feel like they were in a modern office loft. SEG fabrics mimicked white brick walls, faux-wood floors brightened up the space, and simple planter pots added touches of color to tables throughout the booth.