Exhibit Basics

  • Client: Marqueta
  • Show: Money 2020
  • City: Las Vegas
  • Size: 30ft x 30ft

Money 2020 is like the ultimate trade show for the world’s financial tech companies. As an innovator in new payment platforms, Marqueta had to hit the show floor with a booth that would get attendees excited about their product.

We designed a booth that was sleek, modern, and eye-catching to match the aesthetic of their product line. Commanding hanging signage grabbed attendee attention and curved white overhead panels created an inviting space below. Recessed blue LEDs gave pops of color to the product demo stations and reception areas, while white seating, tables, and other feature helped maintain the booth’s clean design.


Meta description: Clean, modern lines matched Marqueta’s style for Money 2020, while big signage, strategically placed monitors, and multiple demo stations offered attendees plenty to engage with.