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RE+ 2023 TREND Analysis

Download our 2023 RE+ Trend Analysis to see the event's unique ability to captivate its audience through immersive and practical displays.

WVC 2023 TREND Analysis

Download our 2023 WVC Trend Analysis to see how 10+ exhibitors showed up, including Merck Animal Health, Purina, Gard Yard and more.

MjBizCon 2022 Competitive Analysis

Download our 2022 MjBizCon Competitive Analysis to see how exhibitors showed up last year, including Hotel Dutchie, Huber, HolistaPet, Hall of Flowers and more.

Black Hat USA 2022 Competitive Analysis

Download our 2022 Black Hat Competitive Analysis to see how 20 exhibitors showed up last year, including brands such as Rubrik, Rezilion, Cybereason, VMWare, CrowdStrike, and more.

The Top 5 Factors that Majorly Impact Your Trade Show Budget (and, How to Manage Them!)

Allocated budgets for trade show booths always seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. Learn how to maximize those marketing dollars for the biggest impact.

Supplier Assessment

How satisfied are you with your event and tradeshow vendors and suppliers? Take this simple, 6-question assessment to help you evaluate your current supplier partnerships and their contributions to your overall event program.

The Critical Event Program Assessment for 2023

We developed "The Critical Event Program Assessment for 2023" to help you analyze your event program performance. This assessment will help identify the key areas in your event program that could use more energy or support from your team.


It has been a tumultuous couple of years for trade shows and live marketing events. The looming question for 2022 has event marketers and planners asking: where do trade shows stand?

How Can Brands Incorporate Sustainability Without Sacrificing Exhibit Design & Experience?

Implementing sustainable practices is no longer an option. Brands have a responsibility to reduce waste and practice sustainability at trade shows and live events.

Is the Future of Trade Show Events Going Exclusively Virtual?

Are you confused by new event tech and its terminology? Or how to create an effective virtual experience for your brand? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

Event attendance is down. Now what?

Creating shared experiences is a critical bridge between your brand and the people it serves. Learn more about creating authentic connections.

Exhibit Rental – The Best Choice for Flexible, Creative, and Sustainable Event Marketing

Leading up to an event, the old question was: Should we rent or purchase our next exhibit? Steelhead is here to throw that question out the window. We believe no company needs to or should own an exhibit, ever.

Essential Guide to Custom Trade Show Rentals

When looking for a new exhibit, one of the first questions you’ll have is whether to rent or buy. We believe that booth ownership isn’t right for anyone, ever. Why? Because things happen.Budgets change, goals evolve, companies rebrand.

The Exhibitor’s Guide to Trade Show Success in 2021

Live events are back after a tumultuous 2020. Attendees are craving new experiences and it’s time to rethink your trade show presence. Download this guide today to ensure trade show success in 2021!

The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Trade Show Booth

Whether you’re a veteran trade show manager interested in a booth reboot or you’re new to the game, this eBook will provide guidance to start creating incredible exhibits for 2021 and beyond.

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