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Making the most of every moment
That’s what trade shows and events are after all - unique moments in time.  Each of them an opportunity to make a lasting impression.  Steelhead creates curated rental exhibit and event solutions, each one tailored to deliver results.  Are you making the most of every moment, or are you rolling out the same exhibit for each unique event?  Welcome to Steelhead, let’s create something special and have fun doing it.
As an exhibit design company based in Las Vegas, the trade show capital of the world, it’s imperative we know the ins and outs of trade shows and other marketing events. Yet we also know the trade show experience should be a fun one. Exhibit Happy is a philosophy, a mindset and Steelhead’s brand promise to you - a promise to inject fun, creativity and happiness throughout the process of exhibit design, planning and executing your next trade show booth display or event….

Sure, developing and managing your exhibit program is serious business and the stakes are high, which is why our experienced strategic marketers, exhibit designers, booth builders and project management teams work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure your success. So what does trade show marketing success look like to you? It seems like a simple question, yet too often, exhibit houses prescribe a formula based on what they do rather that what you may need. While we understand that each of our clients are different, just as you are, most would agree that creating impactful brand environments that engage and inform is important. Still, there is more to it. How do you want to get there and at what cost? Are we to build on your current trade show successes with just a few tweaks? Perhaps a fresh start is in order beginning with an entirely new booth design? Maybe we develop a custom rental exhibit program which offers flexibility to your marketing strategy while eliminating the high costs of exhibit build and ownership? A new trade show booth every year? It’s possible. Do you want to design, build and invest in a custom exhibit property that you can use for the next 3 to 5 years with some updates in between? That’s certainly an option as well. It starts with asking key questions about your marketing program, and it’s a conversation we look forward to having.

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Custom Rental Exhibits

If you exhibit just a few times a year or operate under a tight budget, a custom rental could be the choice for you. Steelhead can provide you with any solution that fits your unique circumstances, but our custom rentals truly shine (if we do say so ourselves). We can work with you to make your rental just as unique as if it were your own. And, bonus! Rentals allow for a great deal of flexibility event-to-event. We can help you reevaluate after each show and make new, creative updates to wow your customers year after year. With custom rentals, you can continually try new things, and we can help you do it.

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Custom Trade Show Booth Displays

If you’re a frequent flyer at trade shows, you might decide to take the plunge and buy your very own exhibit. If that’s the case, count on two things from Steelhead. Your booth will ooze creativity, and it will be the embodiment of your vision. We will have that marketing conversation with you, collaborate to pinpoint your purpose and then, well, let the creative juices fly. We understand all the ins and outs of exhibit design—even the ones you haven’t thought of yet. We are experts in look and feel, design, cost implications and even attendee behavior. Whatever it is you need to achieve with your custom exhibit, our teams have you covered.

Turnkey Services

We know you, as an exhibit manager, have a lot going on. From dealing with press events and travel along with the actual trade show booth, it’s a tough gig. Not to worry. Steelhead’s turnkey services allow you to focus on all that “other stuff” while we handle things on the show floor. Not only will we handle things, but we will handle them in a way that won’t come back to bite you later. Have concerns about outsourcing? Instead of marking up your cost to handle services like I&D or exhibit transportation, we coordinate, order, pre-pay and manage each and every service at an upfront, guaranteed price. Unexpected service costs? It’s on Steelhead. Cross our hearts.

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More About Our Guaranteed Pricing

Is there anything more frustrating than unexpected charges on your final bill? Fear not. Our Exhibit Happy philosophy extends beyond just the booth and all the way to payment. Events are full of variables, but your budget is not one of them. So, count on us to tell you what everything will cost upfront. We believe in providing products and services for the quoted price. It’s a novel concept, but that’s just how we roll. Seriously, who else offers guaranteed pricing, unparalleled expertise and the chance to Exhibit Happy? Call us today!

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