Trade Show and Live Event Design Trends for 2023

December 1, 2022

Our Steelhead Design Team takes a deep dive into the emerging trends for the new year. From traditional interior design to public spaces and music festivals, they are here to share the latest experiential trends to make note of for 2023.



We've discussed how the majority of consumers prefer a more self-led sales process, but what about when it comes to customer service? Alex Lancuba, Design Director, is here with more insight on how consumers prefer more of a blended experience when it comes to customer service.


The pandemic brought on many lessons and take-aways. When it comes to public spaces and events, we've seen the overwhelming trend of social distancing and extra personal barriers, but as we've returned to "normal" people want and crave CONNECTION with their fellow humans. Alonso Vega, Design Lead, is here to expand upon this need of connection and the importance of Affinity Hubs.


As a marketing professional 'engagement' is not a new term to you. BUT when your stakeholders look at ROI metrics, unique engagement metrics such as social mentions and engagement within your marketing environment likely aren't on their radar, but as Clinton Honn, Creative Director, will explain - these are no longer metrics to be taken lightly as you consider the design of your next event.


In an over saturated market of website templates and designs, it can become harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. So, something like the Parallax Scroll can really help your brand pop and be remembered by your audience. Hear more from Clinton Honn, Creative Director.


In an era where you're able to swipe and view different content, we need our spaces to do the same. And they should have the ability to be refreshed visually, as well as functionally. Hear more from Alonso Vega, Design Lead, on the latest in interior design trends.


NOBODY WANTS TO WAIT IN LONG LINES! Boring lines can be a huge drawback when it comes to the guest experience at your booth. This is where virtual queues can be a game changer for your event. Hear more from Jacob Blocher, Exhibit Designer.


Festivals and Retail Fashion - where these two meet it creates a mecca for fashion, creativity, art, and culture. Hear more from Breanne Rotondo, Senior Exhibit Designer, about how these two worlds collide and what you can expect to see over the next year.


Spreadsheets full of numbers and data just aren't sexy. So, how do we take valuable information and visually display it for an audience in an easy, attractive, understandable way? Jacob Blocher, Exhibit Designer, is here to share more.


No we're not here to talk about the metaverse. As Alex Lancuba, Design Director, will dive into - the everyday consumer just doesn't have time or the attention span for the metaverse. However, that's where Virtual Environments differ - if done correctly.

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December 1, 2022
October 3, 2023
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