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Exhibits Made for the Moment

We help Brands make the most of their moments at live events. We do it by designing spaces that are different from what was seen the previous year to ensure your customers experience something as unique as the moment itself.
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More Creativity
We create solutions tailored for each and every event that delivers unique brand experiences for your attendees!
More Support
We’ve got you – in more ways than you can count. What good is creativity if you don’t execute?
More Fun
This is not accounting; marketing should be a blast! Who you work with can make all the difference.
More Innovation
Progressive companies align their goals with the hopes of building a more sustainable future. We can help!
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Great exhibit design is not measured in how something looks, it’s in how well it connects people.

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Event Planning Should Be Fun.

Exhibit Happy® is our promise.

It’s our belief that all of the creativity and planning that goes into creating Brand Experiences in an event, exhibit, or trade show environment should be fun. 

Our Exhibit Happy® promise means that anyone working with Steelhead can expect three things:
Awesome Support
No Surprises
Fun Along the Way

Our Process
We believe no company needs to, or should, own an exhibit, Ever.
Access is the modern Event Marketer’s most necessary resource.
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Business Should Be a Force for Good
Becoming a certified B Corporation in 2021 is one of our proudest achievements. Steelhead is the only B Corp Certified tradeshow company in North America.

It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it that matters.
Our Impact

Steelheader Defined

Steelheaders are individuals who apply their talent, passion and joy to the relentless pursuit of collective achievement. Simply put, we believe happy people do better work.
Our Team
Exhibit Happy Case Study: Cox Automotive
Steelhead helped Cox Automotive return to live events after the pandemic with the goal to reintroduce clients and prospects to all brands under the Cox Automative umbrella.
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