Harnessing the Power of Gamification for Your Trade Show Program

August 1, 2022

As we’ve shared, businesses that recognize the evolution of the buyer’s journey and adapt to using virtual environments as a sales enablement and marketing education tool are leading the way in trade shows and live events.

As BIG proponents for “Fun Along the Way” - we believe no virtual environment, or physical environment for that matter, is complete without some form of gamification.

And we know, you’ve probably heard the buzz word “gamification” floating around for some time now. BUT now it’s no longer a trend, as much as a must have for all experiences.

Consumers are demanding effortless experiences, and by integrating a fun and EASY game into your physical booth or virtual environment, you’re providing just that.

 Gamification for Virtual Environments

What’s great on the virtual side of things is you have no physical limitations like you do on the trade show floor. Host a virtual cocktail party in a swanky rooftop lounge or a gastropub, take things beachside for a virtual bonfire - the options are endless.  

You can also bring your virtual environment to the physical realm by mailing participants a thoughtful care package (snacks, drink mixes, swag for home offices) and bring your brand to the forefront of your target audience.

Steelhead’s New Virtual Learning Environment

Interested in seeing how Steelhead is utilizing virtual environments and gamification? Be sure to check out our new virtual learning environment here and snag yourself a piece of swag by completing our ‘values’ scavenger hunt.  

Gamification for Physical Environments

When you want to increase attention for your booth on the trade show floor, nothing beats a massive crowd of people surrounding your booth. Let’s turn to a couple of our clients for some inspiration.

HITACHI learned firsthand that the scene of people trying their luck at a basketball hoop definitely makes people take pause on a crowded show floor. CARFAX also had people taking notice at their NADA booth by integrating a touch of nostalgia with a game of old fashion dice rolling.

One thing both these clients had in common? Both provided gifts to their guests after participating, creating a lasting physical touch point for their brand.

And just to recap, no matter how you choose to add gamification to your presence, keep these three things in mind:
  1. Make it fun
  1. Make it easy
  1. Make it worthwhile
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August 1, 2022
October 3, 2023
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