The Access Model is Creative

January 24, 2022

No two trade shows are the same. So why should your booth design be? Your trade show exhibit should reflect the dynamic nature of your brand.  

Renting a booth through the access model unlocks the ability for dynamic design. Because your budget isn’t tied up in the investment of a booth, you have the freedom to work with your design agency in creating environments for each and every moment.  

The most effective marketing campaigns capitalize on a specific moment. Each trade show you attend represents one of those moments. If you’re approaching that opportunity by dusting off a booth you’ve owned for three years, you’re missing out.

Budgets, marketing goals, venue restrictions, rules, brands, and slogans are changing on a regular basis. Custom access gives you the chance to keep up with those changes where an owned booth only bogs you down.

Owning a booth restricts your brand’s ability to be as flexible as the market you’re trying to impact. By renting your exhibit, your brand can design for a unique audience at an opportune time.

To learn more about why the Access Model is right for your tradeshow program, check out our full resource Exhibit Rental – The Best Choice for Flexible, Creative, and Sustainable Event Marketing

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January 24, 2022
October 3, 2023
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