The Access Model is Flexible

January 23, 2022

Buying a booth comes with a substantial up-front investment. In most cases, companies that buy a booth must use it for three to five years in order to justify the start-up costs. During this time, companies are responsible for managing and paying for all of a booth’s shipping, handling, storage, setup, teardown, maintenance, and repair logistics. Those costs typically add up to about 10-20% of the total booth cost, incurred on an annual basis.

Booth ownership lacks a crucial element for modern event marketers: flexibility.  

That’s why more and more companies are choosing to rent their trade show booths because they’re more affordable, more flexible, and easier to deal with than an owned booth. And, they don’t compromise on features. With custom accessibility, you can change your booth for every show you attend. And in most cases, a custom rental exhibit costs about 70% less than an owned booth.  

Custom accessibility gives you the flexibility to create the perfect booth for the perfect price, at every trade show you visit. It allows you to maximize your exhibit’s marketing potential, eliminates the stress associated with operations and logistics, and guarantees that you don’t go over budget on expected fees.  

Event marketers want to get the most out of their marketing dollar. The only way to do that with an owned booth is to keep using it for years and years, hoping you never need to alter anything or make costly repairs. Even then, every time you use it, you’re risking unexpected fees.

We believe custom exhibit access makes more financial sense for everyone, at every show they attend.

Here’s why:

  • Per show costs for a custom rental are significantly lower than an owned booth, whether you exhibit once a year or every month
  • Operational costs are included in your rental price, so you’re never hit with unexpected fees
  • You have total flexibility to change your design or size between shows to reflect changes in your budget
  • Your marketing budget won’t be immediately maxed out on the investment of a new booth, allowing for more flexibility in when your budget is spent

Plus, because custom access includes all your operational and logistical support, you can get a fixed, guaranteed price from your design company. Your exhibit house should provide you with a comprehensive and inclusive invoice so you know exactly what you’re paying to use your booth.  

To learn more about why the Access Model is right for your tradeshow program, check out our full resource Exhibit Rental – The Best Choice for Flexible, Creative, and Sustainable Event Marketing

January 23, 2022
October 3, 2023
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