How Are Exhibitors Responding to Current Events?

May 23, 2022

We have the recent stats from industry and trend experts HOPIN and Exhibitor Magazine, now let’s hear from the boots on the ground walking the trade show floors and working with exhibitors day in and day out.  

Andrew Childers, Director of New Relationships, has spent most of 2022 talking to exhibitors on the show floor. According to Andrew, here’s how exhibitors are currently responding to the event landscape:

“There’s less hesitation now that prospects realize trade shows are back. Due to the pandemic, we were wary before, but that time apart only solidified how much people want trade shows and value face-to-face interaction. I’d say people are doubling down on them.”
For our full resource on The Current State of Events in 2022, click here.

So, what does that look like?

Bigger booths.

With more space on the showroom floor and many budgets back to pre-pandemic levels, some trade shows have a larger footprint and new space allocation. There are fewer attendees, but decision-makers are present, and tailored messages are closing deals.

Supplemental virtual and hybrid events.

There is no replacement for attending shows in person. However, virtual and hybrid events enhance the in-person experience, such as providing thought leadership that can be accessed after the event. These methods are supplemental tools that support the natural integration of things online.  

Shorter lead times.

Prospects are giving less notice for exhibiting at shows, due to stakeholders holding out on making the decision to attend at all. However, for an exhibit house like Steelhead which operates solely on the Access Model - which focuses on renting - can quickly meet those short lead times because 90 percent of the material is already in inventory.

A change in the digital buyer’s journey.

Prospects want to go through the sales journey on their own before talking to a salesperson. Providing them with information upfront allows them to engage on their terms. This means there are more qualified leads at trade shows right now.

For our full resource on The Current State of Events in 2022, click here.
May 23, 2022
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