Exhibit Happy Case Studies


Kalibrate had recently acquired several companies now operating under their umbrella and came to us for assistance in consolidating their messaging into one cohesive design. They wanted to find a way to represent the breadth of what they have to offer through brand recognition while showcasing “Kalibrate” as the cardinal company.

HD Supply

HD Supply created a communication plan with us to clarify its goals and objectives for each trade show they attend. Then, they worked alongside our design team to creatively bring that vision to life.

Cox Automotive 2022

2022 posed an interesting opportunity for Steelhead and Cox Automotive. Steelhead was charged with helping reintroduce clients and prospects to the Cox Automotive brand - after live events halted for nearly 2 years.

Cox Automotive 2020

How do you take an exhibitor, with more than a dozen different brands and over 20,000 square feet of exhibition space at one event, and migrate them to the Access Model when they own all of their exhibit assets?

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