Exhibit Happy Case Study: Kalibrate

Kalibrate had recently acquired several companies now operating under their umbrella and came to us for assistance in consolidating their messaging into one cohesive design. Although expanding a company can be exciting, rebranding requires a lot of time, strategy, and money. They wanted to find a way to represent the breadth of what they have to offer through brand recognition while showcasing “Kalibrate” as the cardinal company.
After understanding Kalibrate’s exhibit goals, we found the best way to actualize their vision would be through a graphical representation of the conglomeration of companies now moving under the Kalibrate umbrella. Because they had multiple trade show appearances planned for the year, creating a design that would feel fresh and unique without affecting the bottom line was essential.
Kalibrate related their desire to highlight the companies now operating under them so they could reach more of the audience through brand recognition. Through our collaboration, we decided the best way to achieve this objective was through a visual hierarchy displaying “Kalibrate” as the focal point in the most prominent and boldest font, with the other companies in smaller, lighter scripts in a totem pole fashion.We also placed the triangular icon featured in the brand logo in multiple highly visible spaces. We arranged the walls into dynamic angles to reflect the triangular iconography, continuously drawing attention to the brand logo.
ICSC 2022
Together, we designed a 30 x 30 dynamic space for ICSC 2022 that created a natural flow, allowing the audience to work their way from the graphic demonstrations (strategically placed on the outermost points for a low commitment factor) toward the meeting space in the middle for continued conversation. Because they recently underwent a rebranding, it was essential for them to maintain consistency throughout the multiple shows they attended. The low-density design allowed them to visibly display their iconography while enabling them to make slight alterations for the changing audiences.
NACS and ICSC 2023

In the realm of trade shows, flexibility, and adaptability are paramount. For Kalibrate's presence at NACS and ICSC 2023 shows, a structure was designed that seamlessly integrated into different show hall locations. While the exhibit structure remained consistent, a modular programming design for key zones was implemented.

The reception area, for example, was easily movable, ensuring optimal positioning to serve attendees regardless of the exhibit location within the show hall. Notably, the exhibit's adaptability shone through in the interchangeability of key elements to cater to different tactical needs, such as transitioning from semi-private meetings to aisle-catching touchscreen technology, creating an engaging space for attendees as they passed by.
NACS and ICSC 2023
Every show brings a different crowd, requiring distinct messaging and techniques. The design allowed for the easy swap out of graphics, change of architectural elements, and rearrangement of meeting spaces best to capture the individual interests of each unique audience.
It’s human nature to gravitate toward the biggest and brightest or find yourself drawn to all the shiny bells and whistles, but Kalibrate’s design model demonstrates that sometimes less is more. The exhibit was a strategically arranged, dynamic space that proved you don’t need a huge footprint to succeed. Its minimalist aesthetic didn’t overwhelm attendees, and its low-commitment design made the booth more inviting. They could stay authentic to their brand while exhibiting versatility in reaching their varied audiences.Ultimately, we created a memorable and low-density booth to reallocate funds to more impactful elements.
NACS and ICSC 2023

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